Shout Out to Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are so grand

The grandest in the land

Clap clap. Clap clap. Clap [pause] clap.

Thanks for all you do.

God’s glory shines through you.

Clap clap. Clap clap. Clap [pause] clap.

Meet Our Sponsors

Anna and William Hill, owners of Anna’s Pet Service , became sponsors during our inaugural year.

William, who shares a daily prayer in our Facebook group, says they “wanted to help and felt that our sponsorship of worthy causes is the best advertising we can do next to the recommendations of our customers.”

We thank Anna’s Pet Service for their encouraging support.

Southern Writers, the Author’s Magazine, has also supported us since our first year, and we are very grateful for their participation.

Southern Writers Magazine is much more than a top-notch magazine–you’ll find encouragement and inspiration in each issue.

Click here for details on receiving a free issue.

Guideposts Publishing sponsors our Friday evening Meet-and-Greet. We are so privileged to have  Jon Woodhams, Editor, as a supportive neighbor and friend . . . who also brings fun swag!

Guidepost provides hope and inspiration worldwide through their uplifting magazines, books, websites, prayer community, and outreach programs.



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