Announcing 2019 MSCWC Special Friday Sessions & Saturday Workshops

The MSCWC Faculty Committee has worked hard to bring another great line-up of classes presented by publishing professionals and accomplished authors.

On Friday, March 15th, TWO special workshops are  available at an extra cost. For more details, visit Friday Workshops on the MSCWC website.

On Saturday, March 16th, we’re offering NINE fantastic workshops on  various aspects of writing. Be sure and check the MSCWC schedule so you can choose the three you most want to attend.

Great news! Selected workshops will be offered twice!

2019 Friday Only Sessions

Tracy Crump and Andi Lehman — Stirring the Pot: Writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul receives thousands of submissions but selects only 101 for each book. How can you increase the chances they’ll choose your story? Come learn what Chicken Soup wants, what they don’t want, and how you can stir up a winning Chicken Soup story.

Johnnie Alexander — Opening Scene Critique Workshop

The opening pages of your manuscript need to shine bright to get the attention of a publisher or agent. You’re invited to submit the first five or six pages (the opening scene) of your novel for critique. As a group, we’ll discuss craft elements such as: opening hook; characters; point of view; showing/telling; and voice. This workshop is limited to six participants.

2019 Saturday Workshops

Johnnie Alexander and Patricia Bradley — Creating Characters with Personality and Pizzazz!

To write an unforgettable story, create memorable characters and then deepen their emotional connection to your readers. We’ll share ideas for developing well-rounded characters using techniques such as Myers-Briggs Personality Types and “channeling” your character’s inner life.

Rhonda Dragomir — Microsoft Word for Writing Wranglers

Microsoft Word (MS Word) is like a bronc, and sometimes writing wranglers get bucked off into a pile of manure! This workshop teaches skills in MS Word that will break the bronc into a working partner, saving you hours of time and making your writing stand out to agents and editors.

Victoria Duerstock — Building Platform 101

Victoria will share her top tips to begin building your platform to demonstrate understanding and success to an agent or editor. We will cover social media, email lists, and the marketing section of your proposal.

Linda Fulkerson — 15 Must-Haves for Author/Writer Websites

This presentation will cover 15 must-haves for author/writer websites. Attendees will learn how to ensure his or her website is secure, compliant with government guidelines, competitive with search engines and engaging for readers and that it builds one’s author platform, increasing the ability to sell books, products, and services.

Vanessa Davis Griggs — The SmART of Writing

Whether fiction or nonfiction, there is an art in writing. Learn the art as you follow your dream of not only being published but of owning the process from start to finish.

Jean Matthew Hall — Introduction to Writing for Young Children: Board Books, Picture Books, Early & Easy Readers

This workshop presents a bird’s eye view of writing for young children (birth through 7 years old). We will also take a look at some DOs and DON’Ts of writing for young children, and some must-have resources. A question and answer time is included.

Bob Hostetler — Writing for Teens

Our keynote speaker, a former editor of magazines for children and youth, presents the “Ten Commandments” of writing for teens.

Shannon Taylor Vannatter — Cut the Fluff

This class will cover seven integral elements for a great read, the purpose behind each element, and how to weave them together into meaningful scenes that create a riveting story. Writers will learn what is superfluous to the story and when to kill their darlings by implementing a great self-editing technique.

Brenda Yoder — Non-Fiction 101: Everything You Might Need to Know and More

How do you write compelling non-fiction that connects with your audience? In this workshop, author Brenda L. Yoder equips participants with the tools needed to write great non-fiction that keeps readers coming back for more.



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