Growth Through Writers Conferences

hlayer_grace-u3532A Guest Post by Nancy Kay Grace

Attending writer’s conferences is necessary for improving skills, learning publishing trends, and networking. Seasoned authors encourage the new writers. The enthusiasm of the new writers inspires the experienced ones. Each time I’ve attended a conference I’ve been at a different place on my writing journey and hoped to hear from God.

Conferences have given direction for my next step. I had planned on self-publishing a book created from the content of my speaking presentations. When the deal fell through, I lost hope for a book. Discouraged, I attended a writer’s conference hoping to hear from God what my next step should be. I hadn’t planned on talking to any publishers, but when an appointment opened up, I took the opportunity to pitch an idea for a book of devotionals from my newsletter. To my surprise, the publisher was interested. God showed me another path, if I would do the work of writing a proposal. Eventually the small Christian publisher offered me a contract. I’m grateful to have attended that conference.

It is possible to get your writing on the web to encourage others in faith, although blending writing and technology can be intimidating. At the Mid-South Christian Writer’s Conference I’m looking forward to presenting the workshop “Toes in the Water: Getting Your Feet Wet in Blogging” to minimize the fear factor so you can publish on the Internet. If you’re new to blogging, I hope to de-mystify the WordPress platform by sharing tips about the elements of a blog post, simple SEO, and online writing.

I hope to see you there!

grace-impact-cover-by-nancy-kay-graceMeet Nancy Kay

Nancy Kay Grace is a speaker and the award-winning author of The Grace Impact. She has published numerous magazine articles, stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and several devotional compilations (Abba’s Promise, The One Year Life Verse Devotional). Nancy is the host of Living Life Unedited, an Internet radio show on the Christian Women Affiliate network.

Nancy and her husband Rick live in Springdale, Arkansas where Rick is the senior pastor of Spring Creek Fellowship. They have two married children and five grandchildren.

Connect with Nancy:  Website & GraceNotes newsletter   Facebook   Twitter   Living Life Unedited   Pinterest 

 Nancy’s Workshop

Toes in the Water: Getting Your Feet Wet in Blogging

This session is for writers who want to learn more about blogging. Nancy will help minimize the fear factor for tech-challenged writers. Topics covered are online writing techniques, simple guidelines for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), elements of a blog post, and tools used in blogging. Nancy uses WordPress and will refer to this platform although some of the basics would apply to other platforms as well.


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