MSCWC Director April Carpenter Welcomes You!


2017 Theme: Changing the World with Words

April CarpenterI’m so excited to be the first to welcome you to the 2017 Mid-South Christian Writers Conference blog.

March 17 & 18, 2017 will be here before you know it! Around 128 days to be exact.

The committee is hard at work preparing for another great conference. We have a superb lineup of faculty along with our key note speaker Jim Watkins.


Are you paying attention to God’s signs?

Sign, Signs, Everywhere a Sign,” has been playing in my head recently. You know the 1971 song from the 5 Man Electric Band?

Because of this song, I added a sign to my office door at home so the kids wouldn’t bother me while I’m writing. It says, “Taking time for me.”

Does the sign keep them from knocking on my door? NO. Does it keep my husband from yelling, “Honey, where’s my blue shirt?” NO.


Here’s your first sign to come to the Mid-South Christian Writers Conference on Saturday, March 18, 2017.


I hear you saying, “I don’t have the time,” or “I went to the conference last year; why should I go again?”

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Your family can function for one day without you. Trust me I know.   Everyone needs encouragement and to be with likeminded people.

I was honored to speak at my church during the summer regarding my personal prayer journey. I shared my writing on what the Bible says about verbal abuse. I also explained why I hadn’t completed this book yet: “This is a hard topic to write about. I can work on it for a while and then I have to put it aside.”

After the talk, two people stopped me. “Please finish your book,” they urged. “I would buy it and share it with women I know who are in abusive situations.”

HMMMM I thought. Was this a sign?


If God has given you sign after sign that says “Write for me,” or if every other day God blesses you with a great idea for an article or character, then heed His call. Serve Him 100%,by honing your craft. One way to do that is by attending a writers conference.

write-for-meWhen God speaks I make a plan so I can be obedient. One way to be obedient is to prepare. When I have taken the time to learn about the craft of writing then I see results. God gives me new characters and the ability to tweak old characters among other things. Attending conferences is my way of preparing and also a way to receive encouragement.


What signs in your life, regarding your writing, have you been avoiding or ignoring?

Please friends, I encourage you to come to the conference.

We are praying for you and your writing. We are praying that all signs point you to the Mid-South Christian Writers Conference.


Register Here!

Visit the MSCWC Website.



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