Sharing Abundance

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A Guest Post by Alice Fay Duncan

An excerpt from my book

Hello Sunshine–5 Habits to “Uncloud” Your Day

Recently, I watched a newscast that featured a basketball star and his young son. They entered F.A.O. Schwarz to buy toys for poor children in New York City. I noticed that the little boy buzzed happily around the store, selecting expensive items that he knew quite well were not for his personal pleasure.

The news anchor asked, “What do you want your son to gain from this day?” The star athlete made some thoughtful reply about gratitude and good fortune. However, the greatest lesson for me was in the little boy’s eyes.  He was thrilled to shop for gifts that would serve children he did not know.

Sharing your abundance is the one gesture that will brighten your day in an instant.  This is what the little boy revealed as he shopped in F.A.O. Schwarz.  Giving to others was the very action that put a smile on his dimpled face.

Meet Alice Faye

Hello SunshineAlice Faye Duncan has been writing children’s picture books since 1995 for publishers such as Simon and Schuster, Atheneum, Zonderkidz, Trolls, and MacMillan. Her book Honey Baby Sugar Child, a mother’s live song to her young child, is now in its seventh printing with Simon and Schuster. Her most recent publication, Hello, Sunshine: 5 Habits to UNCLOUD Your Day, is an adult nonfiction book. When Alice is not serving as a school librarian or writing, she can be found visiting local art museums. Her favorite artists are Carroll Cloar, Kadir Nielson, and Frank D. Robinson, Jr.

Alice’s Workshop

Writing for Young Readers—A How-To Guide

This workshop will discuss the steps needed to write and publish books for young readers. Present trends in children’s publishing will be addressed while encouraging participants to write books, articles, and poems that are meaningful and important to them. Participants will receive a collection of handouts including a list of reference tools, picture book template, list of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts for young readers, and list of reputable literary agents seeking new clients who write for children.


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