Faculty: Gregg Bridgeman

gregg bridgeman (2)Meet Gregg

Gregg Bridgeman is the Editor-in-Chief at Olivia Kimbrell Press. He is husband to best-selling Christian author Hallee Bridgeman and parent to three. He continues to proudly serve in the US Armed Forces and has done so in either an active or reserve capacity for more than twenty years as an airborne and air assault qualified paratrooper, earning a Bronze Star for his service. Most importantly, he was ordained in October of 2001 after surrendering his life to Christ decades earlier.

Gregg’s Workshop

FREE (or nearly free) Tools Every Writer Should Know About!

This workshop includes instruction in completely FREE (or nearly free) tools that assist authors with Word Processing, Editing, Formatting, Graphics, AudioBooks, eBooks, and basic Productivity. This entertaining and interactive class employs real world examples and live demonstrations of available applications. Stuck in a WORD rut? Need a more powerful or flexible word processor? Like to translate your books into Braille? Interested in a free ebook compiler? Have to create Press Quality PDFs? Take this class!



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