Announcing 2016 MSCWC Workshops

writer-605764_640 pixabayWhether you write memoirs or novels, for children or adults, we have a workshop designed to meet your needs.

Choose to attend three of the nine available workshops at the one-day Mid-South Christian Writers Conference being held Saturday, March 19, 2016 in Collierville, Tennessee.

Three workshops will be held during each of the three workshop periods.

Fine-tuning Your Fiction: From First Draft to Final Manuscript – Johnnie Alexander

Polished prose that sings “Buy me! Buy me!” to an editor doesn’t magically appear on the page. Specific writing techniques are needed to craft your story idea into a compelling novel that will grab a publisher’s attention. In this workshop, we’ll discuss: asking and answering story questions; showing a scene; telling the story between the quotes; and choosing our words. As time permits, we’ll review specific editing issues.

Learning Scrivener Basics – Patricia Bradley

This workshop will show you how to use Scrivener to write a novel, short story, or blog. Learn how to create a project using the novel template and how to use folders and subfolders to create chapters and scenes and then how to compile for Word, Mobi, and PDF files.

FREE (or nearly free) Tools Every Writer Should Know About! – Gregg Bridgeman

This workshop includes instruction in completely FREE (or nearly free) tools that assist authors with Word Processing, Editing, Formatting, Graphics, AudioBooks, eBooks, and basic Productivity. This entertaining and interactive class employs real world examples and live demonstrations of available applications. Stuck in a WORD rut? Need a more powerful or flexible word processor? Like to translate your books into Braille? Interested in a free ebook compiler? Have to create Press Quality PDFs? Take this class!

Creative Memoir Writing – Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Would you like to preserve your family history and life story for future generations?  That does not necessarily mean compiling a strict chronological biography or autobiography. I happened to put my life in poems. There are endless, creative ways to tell our stories. Let’s explore some of them.

Writing for Young Readers—A How-To Guide – Alice Faye Duncan

This workshop will discuss the steps needed to write and publish books for young readers. Present trends in children’s publishing will be addressed while encouraging participants to write books, articles, and poems that are meaningful and important to them. Participants will receive a collection of handouts including a list of reference tools, picture book template, list of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts for young readers, and list of reputable literary agents seeking new clients who write for children.

Plug-In to the Digital Revolution—without Stressing Out! – Edie Melson

Did you know that the college class of 2014 considers email obsolete? According to the Beloit College Mindset List, they’ve also never written in cursive, and with cell phones to tell them the time, they see no need for a wristwatch. If this makes you feel old and out of touch, don’t panic, I can help you develop a web presence that puts you back on the cutting edge. Learn the basics of setting up a blog, working with Facebook, and tweeting on Twitter. Beyond that, I’ll give you the tools and resources to help you keep current with all things digital.

Writing and Marketing Devotions – Harriet E. Michael

Harriet E. Michael has written and sold over 100 devotions since she began writing in 2010. She will share her proven methods for both writing and marketing devotions, along with a list of paying markets that accept freelance devotions. The workshop will cover both how to write powerful devotions as well as where and how to market them.

How to Write a Riveting Romance – Jessica R. Patch

Company is coming and you’re preparing a decadent chocolate cake. But it caves in. What went wrong? Lack of preheating, overbeating, and timing are just a few factors that can ruin a beautiful dessert. Learn how to follow the recipe for crafting a romance while keeping your unique voice. Leave readers ooohing and aaahing, devouring yet savoring each sizzling bite to the satisfying finish—and begging for more.

Workshop: Writing for Continuity Fiction Series – Jon Woodhams

Using Guideposts’ successful fiction series as a model, the workshop will explore the often-untapped potential of writing for continuity fiction series. In addition to learning about Guideposts’ unique place in Christian fiction, topics will include how the Guideposts model works, the ideal writer for a continuity series, how writers collaborate to create a series, the unique skill set needed to succeed as a continuity writer, and more.



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